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10K Marathon Amersfoort + Lyme Awareness Video

10K Marathon Amersfoort + Lyme Awareness Video

Last week I ran the 10K of the Marathon Amersfoort! I DID IT! It all went without any physical problems, aside from the obvious heavy pains. I like to dedicate this achievement to my family and friends who keep supporting me in this unbearable struggle against Chronic Lyme Disease. But above all, I like to dedicate this to my fellow Lyme Patients all over the world.

In the video above (23 minutes) you can see the run itself, but also information about me and about Lyme Disease. Thank you for taking the time to watch it and thanks to everyone for all the support and messages I have received thusfar!

– Never Surrender –

10K Run Announcement

 10K Run Announcement

I am so excited to announce that tomorrow I will be running the 10K of the Marathon Amersfoort! I am by no means cured of Chronic Lyme Disease, but luckily I am fit enough to do this run tomorrow. For that I am extremely grateful. Of this day I will also make a complete video about my run, myself, Lyme Disease and the Foundation “Hope For Lyme”. I will post this video tomorrow or the day after.

Who I Am Page

My Blog was missing a “Who I Am” Page. So I decided to upload it :-).

Who I Am

I, Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet, am a Chronic Lyme Patient. After years of progressively getting worse, I went to a series of testing in the beginning of 2013. At first they diagnosed me with ME / CFS. CFS stands for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis. A few months later they discovered that I actually suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease + Co-Infections.

Through my blog I will open up my personal story and everything that comes with it. From testing, (wrong) diagnoses, doctors, hospital visits, being chronically ill, and coping and living with Lyme Disease. My purpose is to get more recognition and understanding for this unbearable disease that is called Lyme Disease.

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Ziekenhuis 17-01-2014

Last Thursday I got very disturbing news. Aside from my active fight against Chronic Lyme, I now found out that I have Cancer. It all went very fast. I had to report to the hospital the following morning and I got operated in the afternoon. The operation was succesful.

The upcoming times will be very exciting for me. I hope that my body is immediately “clean” and that the Cancer did not spread, but time will tell. Thanks for the support everyone!